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COVID – 19: Our Commitment To Responsible Continuation Of Service To The Food Industry

COVID – 19: Our commitment to responsible continuation of service to the food industry

Following UK Government guidance, we remain operational to support the worldwide food industries during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our priority at this time is to ensure the safety of everyone while minimising the disruption and impact on our customers.

We have implemented measures across the business to allow the safe and responsible continuation of our operation whilst minimising the spread of the virus.

Our service and spare parts team are operating as normal to ensure that we can assist the food industry in safe continuation of food production and delivery.
Our detergent division is open for orders and continues to provide support for our dosing systems.
Our administration staff are working from home wherever possible.
Our production facility is open with added safety measures in place.

We are keeping the situation under close review and thank our customers, colleagues and suppliers for their support at this difficult time.

Oliver Douglas

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