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Industrial washing machine install

One of the food industry’s most respected manufacturers is now taking full advantage of a new washing installation from Oliver Douglas.  The facility, at the McVities factory in Manchester, interfaces directly with a new line that is dedicated to the production of mini Jaffa Cakes and meets a number of key operational aims in terms of both location and throughput.

“The company now utilises a Panamatic 600 industrial washing machine with the prime objective of cleaning weigh-head hoppers,” comments John Glover, Sales Manager at Oliver Douglas.  “The front loading unit receives hopper parts slotted into purpose-built wash racks and then completes a wash cycle in no more than three minutes – one of the key requirements specified by the company.  The design of the wash rack also minimises loading and unloading times, which makes a further key contribution to fulfilling this objective.”

The Oliver Douglas Panamatic 600 washing machine is able to provide comprehensive washing performance via spray arms that direct the wash solution to all areas of the chamber.  Moreover, at McVities the installation has been achieved despite very limited space on site – the unit is located on a mezzanine floor directly adjacent to a multi-head weigher.  The Panamatic also features a steam condensing unit in place of an extractor fan – again in recognition of the limited space available to vent the machine – reflecting the versatility of the design.  It also accommodates the room’s air conditioning location, which clearly creates a colder atmosphere and thus larger amounts of steam.

“The Panamatic series – which runs from the smaller 600, as at McVities, to a larger 800 unit – is ideally suited to an application of this type,” adds John Glover.  “Despite its compact dimensions, it offers a large tank capacity, which minimises the requirement for water changes, is extremely economical in use and is easy to operate and maintain.”  He points out that easy access to all jet pipes, spray arms and filters represents an additional important benefit.

“The name of McVities is clearly well–established and highly respected in the industry and we are delighted to have been able to fulfil the company’s specific washing requirements with an installation which, we believe, demonstrates the capabilities and versatility of the Panamatic industrial washer series,” concludes John Glover.

Oliver Douglas

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