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utensil-washing-machineIndustrial washing machine specialists Oliver Douglas have recently completed the installation of a Panamatic 700 utensil washer in the production facility of one of Ireland’s best loved brands. The Ballymaloe Food Company – linked to the famous hotel and cookery school – have been producing their signature relishes in their Cork premises since 1990. Increasing production at the Little Island site led Ballymaloe to seek a solution to the time consuming task of washing their pots, pans and containers by hand, and it was the Oliver Douglas line of Panamatic utensil washers that provided the answer.

The efficient washing action of the Panamatic 700 utensil washing machine is a result of the “low pressure, high flow” concept of cleaning, its wash and spray arms positioned in such a way that every item in the wash chamber is thoroughly treated with a hot detergent wash and a sanitising rinse.

Ongoing machine maintenance is a quick and simple process with ergonomic design and a ‘no tools’ ethos. The wash tank’s raised position allow the floor space under the machine to be cleaned, filters are easily accessible within the machine and spray bars and rinse jets can be removed and reattached by hand. Similarly the additional detergent dispenser is completely automatic, reducing the risk of operator error and injury.

‘Independent, family-run food manufacturers such as Ballymaloe have always been the core of our customer base,’ commented Alex Newton, Oliver Douglas Sales Manager, ‘We know that no two companies are the same, and accordingly every Oliver Douglas washing machine is tailored to suit the specific need of a particular customer. For example, Ballymaloe were keen to utilise the supply of good quality steam of steam they have on site. Because our machines are made to order, rather than being mass produced, we were able to fit a steam coil as a heating medium and minimise their future running costs.’

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