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A satisfactory installation is Newsmith’s prime objective but it’s commitment to customer confidence and endorsement does not end there.

Service Contracts

All our machines are available with an integrated maintenance support package designed to meet your needs with regard to advice, service and upgrade features throughout the machine’s working life.

The frequency and timing of these service visits are pre-determined by mutual agreement.

Spare Parts

Ensuring a ready supply of replacement and spare parts, Newsmith’s Service Department operates a fleet of fully-equipped vans and its engineers are fully aware of all Health and Safety at Work regulations.
A substantial inventory of spare parts for all Newsmith equipment is stocked at our facility with many parts also stocked by our support partners around the world to ensure minimal downtime.

Technical Support

Advice is always available to ensure your Newsmith equipment operates in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.

We will always try to resolve issues over the phone before offering the services of one of our field service engineers.

For routine or emergency support please call +44 (0) 1924 405988 or email: service.

Detergent Services

Newsmith produces a specially-formulated range of hygiene chemicals and detergents to complement, integrate and support the cleaning performance of modern washing equipment within the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The range includes:
• Caustic detergents
• Aluminium safe products
• Low-foam detergent sanitisers
• Scale inhibiting formulations
• A variety of terminal Sanitisers
• Rinse additives
• Defoamers and descalers

Full C.O.S.H.H. and Product Information Sheets are provided for each detergent product and operative training or guidance is given where appropriate.

Machine Refurbishments

We offer full and partial machine refurbishments and system upgrades, work can be undertaken at the customer site if practical or at our factory.

Staff Training

We are able to train operators in the efficient use of energy, water and detergent to maximise the working life of the machinery and to minimise potential down time and breakdowns.
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