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fostersThe commitment to meeting customers’ precise requirements that is central to the success of washing systems specialists, Oliver Douglas, is being clearly demonstrated at a leading baking facility in Yorkshire.  The installation of a new Panamatic 700 industrial washing machine at Fosters Bakery is not only enhancing the company’s production quality but is also paying testimony to the Oliver Douglas design – the installation replaces an original unit that has been operating reliably since the 1970’s.

Accessed via a wide front door that opens at operator waist-level, the new all stainless steel Panamatic 700 is available around the clock at the site for a variety of washing duties that range from ingredient bins and weighing tubs to machine parts.  As Managing Director, John Foster, explains, it is delivering a number of key benefits on a day-to-day basis.

“Apart from the flexibility to meet a long list of equipment washing needs via a common loading tray, the Panamatic has helped to reinforce our commitment to healthy production,” he says.  “Because it provides a separate clean rinse after the initial wash and rinse stages, it optimises allergen removal – crucially as a standard part of each operating cycle.”  This has been achieved previously via a manual rinse operation so there is a clear benefit now in terms of manpower deployment.  “The operator simply loads, presses the button and then moves on to other duties,” he adds.

The versatility of the Panamatic design has also allowed the installation to accommodate Fosters Bakery’s existing heating system.  “Steam heating is at the heart of the company’s processes so the unit has been configured to interface directly with the steam ring main,” says John Glover, Sales Manager at Oliver Douglas.  “High levels of control then match those of all Panamatic installations with solenoid valves controlling steam into the system, and a mechanical thermostat controlling wash temperature.”

John Glover points out that the large wash tank capacity – some 182 litres – and optimised positioning of the rotating spray arms, that deliver both the wash and rinse solutions, means the Panamatic’s well established, overall design is very much in evidence at the site.

With a commitment to blending traditional methods with the most up to date technology, Fosters Bakery has gained a leading reputation both in the UK and overseas across a number of products – from bread and confectionery to cakes.  Its marketplaces, which include caterers, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, clearly demand the highest quality of production.

“The new Oliver Douglas Panamatic system now represents a beneficial step forward from the equipment that we have long operated from the company and we believe it will make an ongoing contribution to maintaining our high quality production principles,” concludes John Foster.

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