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Oliver Douglas have always been at the forefront of industrial washing machine design, construction and reliability. Many attempts have been made at copying our industrial washing machines and as we develop our range and specifications, our new models and upgrades find their way to other manufacturer’s ranges and equipment. We regard this as the ultimate compliment to our company.

Our client list contains thousands of users. Many are household names; many are smaller operators. We have had a long association with most of our clients and have seen some of them grow from smaller operators to multi-national companies.

The hand method of washing and scrubbing equipment is slow and costly and is unlikely to achieve an acceptable standard of cleanliness and hygiene. For effective cleaning and hygiene, it is absolutely essential to have high temperature, high speed washing and rinsing.

Oliver Douglas industrial washing machines are capable of cleaning a wide range of equipment, thus replacing the time consuming problems of hand washing and are indispensable for the important hygiene necessary in the Food Processing Industries.

All our industrial washing machines are fabricated in heavy gauge stainless steel and use is made internally of brass and engineering quality plastics. Close attention is paid to easy access for maintenance and clean lines for easy cleaning of the machine, both inside and out.

All our industrial washing machines have a recirculated wash for economy of running and a fresh water rinse. The hot fresh water rinse is re-used in the recirculated wash which again keeps running costs low.

All our industrial washers are well proven and in addition to our standard industrial washer range which can be altered in size to suit specific requirements, we offer custom-built industrial washing machines.

Panamatic industrial washing machines originally designed in 1980, are used by smaller companies as a general purpose industrial washer and by larger companies for specific operations. In the past ten years over 200 of them have been installed in the in-store bakeries of the big four supermarket chains.

At the other end of the scale one of our industrial washers is being used for washing formula one motor racing engines prior to re-building them.

We are told that the excellent value and quality of our industrial washing equipment is the reason why a number of these operators now have several of our washing machines for different operations; high risk, low risk, cream room etc. Some still have their original Oliver Douglas industrial washing machine as part of their hygiene system.

We regularly welcome new clients large and small, many of whom have had our industrial washing machinery recommended by other users. Whether you are a new or existing user we trust that you will find this information about our company, its products and its aims, of interest.

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