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haydensGreater speed of equipment cleaning and an important divider between dirty and clean production areas – the Oliver Douglas Panamatic 700 now installed at Wiltshire-based craft bakers, Haydens Bakery, has become a key focus for all production operations. The self-contained unit allows a wide range of equipment, from pots and utensils to machine parts, to be cleaned and, vitally, at a speed that can match Haydens’ 24/7 manufacturing processes – itself a clear reflection of the company’s success.

“The Panamatic industrial washing machine has been specified with a load/unload door on each side,” explains Paul Careless, Sales Manager at Oliver Douglas. “The customer can, therefore, fill the tray – which simply slides out onto the waist height door – with dirty items and then unload it on the opposite side. This effectively represents a clear line between the two areas and has helped the customer enhance the important separation of production environments.”

Sited in the pot wash area, the all stainless steel Panamatic has been specified to reflect both the range of the equipment and size of some of the items that require washing. Rotating spray arms deliver the wash and rinse solutions with, vitally, a production cycle lasting as little as two minutes.

“We manufacture some 80 different product ranges such as tarts, crumbles, buns and doughnuts for many of the leading high street retailers,” says Tracy Penny, Hygiene Manager at Haydens Bakery. “This sees some 211,000 sales units produced each day so the demand on the Panamatic is self-evident as it is a channel that is at the heart of the vast majority of our production operations.” She points out that the unit is typically ‘on call’ for 22 hours in every 24.

A further advantage of the Oliver Douglas facility links the cleaning quality to manpower deployment. “Prior to the installation, we used effective but clearly slower handwashing operations,” continues Tracy Penny. “Now we can be assured that the cleaning routines are not only consistent within a shorter time frame, but also enable operators to become involved in alternative tasks.”

With more than 40 years’ experience, Haydens Bakery has developed its reputation on the basis of product range, innovation and production quality. Central to all of these principles are optimised cleaning processes and both the customer and Oliver Douglas are confident that the use of the Panamatic at the production facility in Devizes will make an ongoing contribution to this excellent track record.

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