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Laurens PatisseriesTwo adjacent installations from cleaning equipment specialists, Oliver Douglas are now helping Europe’s largest manufacturer of fresh cream products to optimise a key element of its production process, with clear-cut benefits arising in terms of cleaning quality and speed of throughput.

The installation of a separate Panamatic 700 industrial washer and a Rotary Jet 750 at the Newark site of Laurens Patisseries, part of the Bakkavor Group, has been central to a refurbishment of the company’s rack and confectionery board clean¬ing process.

The two units are now at the heart of a dedicated wash area, which was refurbished to coincide with the Oliver Douglas installations, as Robin Wright, Engineering Projects Manager at Laurens Patisseries explains, “Our cleaning procedures were centered on equipment which operated to a different design principal to the Oliver Douglas units,” he says. “This could have a negative impact on throughput time to achieve the highest level of cleaning result and was in a room which did not benefit from a purpose-designed layout – such as the external ducting fan arrangement that is now part of the new installation.”laurens-patisseries

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