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Utensil washerOliver Douglas, manufacturers of industrial washing machines, recently completed the installation of a Panamatic 700 utensil washer in the premises of an award-winning, London based cheese company. Milky’s are a family owned producer of Mediterranean cheeses and yoghurts, and the leading dairy supplier to Arabic restaurants and delicatessens in the UK. Milky’s signature product is its Halum, a British take on Halloumi cheese which won a glut of awards in 2014 for its taste and versatility. With this success, and increasing product demand, owner Nabil Assi looked to expand his washroom facilities.

Oliver Douglas provided the answer with its Panamatic range of utensil washing machines, ideal for washing cheese moulds and trays in a controlled, batch process. The efficient washing action of the Panamatic 700 is a result of the “low pressure, high flow” concept of cleaning, its wash and spray arms positioned in such a way that every item in the wash chamber is thoroughly treated with a hot detergent wash and a sanitising rinse. A bespoke rack was designed for handing the Halum trays, allowing an operator to load the machine in an efficient manner whilst ensuring the positioning of the trays for effective cleaning.

Ongoing machine maintenance is a quick and simple process with the Panamatic’s ergonomic design and ‘no tools’ ethos. The wash tank’s raised position allow the floor space under the machine to be cleaned, filters are easily accessible within the machine and spray bars and rinse jets can be removed and reattached by hand. Similarly the additional detergent dispenser is completely automatic, reducing the risk of operator error and injury.

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