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Rotary Jet 750 Industrial Washer

The Rotary Jet 750 is a rack washing machine which is suitable for washing trays, racks, bins and buckets.

Product Description

The Rotary Jet 750 is suitable for washing:

  • Trays
  • Racks
  • Bins
  • Buckets

Rotary Jet 750 features:

  • Hinged and interlocked door/s with positive action handles
  • Steam, electric or gas heating available on all models
  • Available in two door configutation for pass through operation
  • Control panel can be mounted on the left or right hand side of the machine as a no cost option to suit customer requirements
  • The rack can be configured to suit the items to be washed, maximising the machine efficiency
  • Large wash tank capacity minimises the number of water changes
  • Stainless steel filter mesh in the wash tank which is easily removable for cleaning
  • Easy access to the jet pipes and filters, no tools required
  • CE certified and supplied with operation and maintenance manual.

The Rotary Jet 750 is a rack washing machine. It is also suitable for washing trays, utensils and bins.

The rack washing machine is fabricated entirely from Stainless Steel.

The machine features a high power wash by rotary jets on each side to ensure the racks are washed thoroughly every time. The water in the rack washer is heated by either steam, electric or gas.

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