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One of the UK’s leading specialist food producers is now benefitting from a second dedicated washing station from Oliver Douglas.  Binghams Food Ltd., which has had a leading reputation for the manufacture of high quality fresh meat and fish spreads since 1914, has had a new Oliver Douglas Panamatic 700 installed at its Sheffield premises.   Importantly, the unit has been tailored to meet the precise requirements of the company’s processing operation.

“The stand-alone Panamatic 700 industrial washer is a self-contained system which can feature a front and/or rear loading door for access to the wash chamber, where a wash and rinse solution is delivered via spray arms,” says John Glover, Sales Manager at Oliver Douglas.  “It provides highly efficient cleaning that can quickly process a wide range of cookware – from pans and trays to crates and utensils.”

The versatility of the Panamatic industrial washer design is clearly demonstrated at Binghams Food where the unit has been configured with a single door, but to larger dimensions than standard to match the company’s specific pan dimensions.  Two pans, each with a capacity of 50 kgs, can be loaded simultaneously with, typically, 40 per day passing through the Panamatic station.

“The installation is also ideal for washing and rinsing a wide range of other equipment and utensils, including 15kg capacity stainless steel trays which are used to hold meat that is cooked overnight as part of our production process,” says Peter Moon, Director at Binghams Food Ltd.  “The racks and baskets, which were also supplied as part of the installation by Oliver Douglas, have themselves been designed to take full account of these varied loading requirements.”

This latest industrial washer installation at Binghams Food – which required only two hours production down time – follows an initial Panamatic 500 unit from Oliver Douglas which was originally supplied in the early 1980’s.  “This is still performing extremely well and, indeed, is now dedicated to other operations at the site,” continues John Glover.

“Clearly the advances since then in terms of speed and efficiency – which, in turn, translate to quality results, reduced energy consumption and better manpower deployment – enhance the operation at Binghams Food,” he adds, “but we are delighted that the original unit is still operational and acting as a demonstration of the quality of our build and design capabilities being successfully used.”  John Glover points out that the design includes a controlled detergent dispenser which delivers a set amount per hour to maintain the required level of detergent concentration.

As a supplier to all major supermarkets and large regional outlets between the East Midlands and the Scottish Border, the name of Binghams Food is acknowledged as a premium brand chilled spread and one which gains from quality ingredients including, for example, locally sourced British beef.  With a long list of customer outlets, therefore, it is vital that the production process is as efficient as possible and meets the highest possible standards – not least in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.  The installation of the latest Panamatic system from Oliver Douglas pays testimony to this commitment and acts as an excellent demonstration of the capability of the Oliver Douglas design for specialist food applications.BINGHAMS


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