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fine-food-internationalGreater operational efficiency and an enhanced commitment to optimising hygiene procedures are the direct result of two dedicated component washing stations installed by Oliver Douglas for one of the UK’s leading hot beverage processing and packaging companies.  The facilities, at Fine Foods International (Manufacturing) Ltd. (FFI) plant in Dunstable, are central to the production of, primarily, coffee products that include a list of well-known own label and ethical brands.

Andy Jones is Head of Operations at FFI and explains the role played by the Oliver Douglas units –

“One Panamatic has been located on a mezzanine structure directly adjacent to production lines that utilise a number of change parts, particularly weigh heads,” he says.  “As a specialist supplier, our ability to react quickly to customer demands is key, so to the agility to switch between beverage types – such as caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee – is fundamental.  Where previously this required movement of production parts to a dedicated cleaning area, the Oliver Douglas Panamatic can now be loaded directly from the line to achieve extremely high levels of cleanliness.  Time savings and an enhancement of our well-established commitment to hygiene are tangible results,” he adds.

The second Oliver Douglas Panamatic is bringing a high degree of parts washing versatility to FFI.  The unit is designed to accommodate a number of product components – including the company’s wide range of filling machinery parts for jars – and, again, helps to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness are maintained.

“Both installations at FFI use our Panamatic 800 design,” comments Paul Careless, Sales Manager at Oliver Douglas.  “Each stainless steel unit is designed to minimise water changes, with comprehensive washing and rinsing results achieved by the spray arm positioning.”  He points out that the front loading door opens flat to allow a metal tray to be pulled out for component location, whilst a choice of cycles and programmes enhances the versatility and adaptability that is required by the customer.

“This is an excellent example of the cleaning quality and loading versatility that are central to our Panamatic range,” adds Paul Careless, “and the advantages in terms of operational efficiency and hygiene are clear-cut.  This is a major specialist manufacturer in its field and we are delighted to have been able to contribute to the ongoing success of Fine Foods International.”

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